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We Build Predictability
Into Your Practice

Predictable revenue. Predictable patient experience. Predictable personal lifestyle.

What The Five Star Group Can Do For You

If you are a healthcare provider offering cash based services such as cosmetic surgery, regenerative medicine, cosmetic dentistry, vein care, acupuncture, or weight loss to name just a few, you already know that the health of your practice depends on getting new patients in the door.

And not just any and all patients; you need the right patients. The ones who are thrilled to work with you. Who understand that you’re unique and different from anyone else in your field. Who show up pre-interested, prequalified, pre-motivated, and predisposed to have you work with them. They’re the patients who do what you ask them to do, get the results you intend for them to get, and make you look like a hero. Without a steady flow of these perfect patients, your practice is in trouble.

Avoid Marketing Waste

Most patient acquisition strategies being taught today simply don’t work. Why? Because most of these strategies are designed to build an audience, but offer little value when it comes to attracting, capturing and converting new patients. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your audience and growing your income.

The Five Star Group Is Different.

Unlike other marketing companies that would have you believe you need a litany of expensive, outdated marketing tactics that do virtually nothing to actually get more patients to your office, The Five Star Group uses a simple 4-step process to attract, capture, and convert more qualified prospects to your practice.

Our intention is to position you as THE authority in your specialty, provide you with a heightened sense of clarity, focus, and confidence, and help you generate a predictable and sustainable stream of profits for your practice.

To help you intelligently prioritize your practice building efforts, attract more of the patients you want to see, and dramatically boost the value of each patient without spending a king’s ransom on any of the latest “marketing tactics of the month,” we offer a complimentary Strategy Session where we’ll create your customized action plan for what you need to do in order to build your predictable patient acquisition system for your practice.

If you feel like this is right for you, click the button below, fill out the short intake form, and let’s get on the phone and talk.

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